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Our mission - "To Transform The Way Medicine Is Made". We do this together with high technology, life sciences and health care organizations.

Light Pharma is about light. The noun "light" implies many things such as illumination, shining, brilliance, glow, brightness, beam, ray, shaft of light, shining star, daylight, sunshine, sunrise, enlightenment, awareness, insight, understanding, luminary, model, exemplar, example, guide and bring to light. The adjective "light" can mean unheavy, weightless, simple, easy, pleasing, nimble, supple, agile, cheerful and optimistic.

Light Pharma is about energy, transformation and basic fundamentals. The Greek word pyramid means "fire in the middle." It means House of Nature, or House of Energy . One of the purposes of the Great Pyramid was to generate, transform, and transmit energy. In doing so, it gives us a unique chance to launch radical changes in our views on the nature of things and advance the frontier of thorough knowledge. Hence the Pyramid in the Light Pharma logo.

Since then, the company has provided the light and energy to help transform the way medicine is being made at leading high technology, life sciences, and health care organizations.

Light Pharma Is On A Mission
Transforming the way
Medicine is made™
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