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Process Management : Process Analytical Technology

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Learning is movement from moment to moment. -- J. Krishnamurthy

We use Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to provide services in developing systems for rapid measurement, analysis, control and design of R&D; and commercial operation processes. A number of proprietary process analytical technologies such as the application of Light Induced Fluorescence are utilized to rapidly achieve process and business objectives.

We develop PAT (such as Light Induced Fluorescence, Near Infrared, Raman and Image Analysis) applications to help our clients:

  • Improve the Capability and Efficiency of Their Processes
  • Enhance Product Quality
  • Improve Process Understanding and Built in Quality
  • Reduce Process Development Time
  • Reduce Production Cycle Times and Enhance Capacity Utilization

Some of our proprietary technologies include:

  • On-line Process Line with PAT
  • Rapid Blend Formulation Profiling
  • LIF Technology for On-line Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes
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