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Process Management

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Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene. -- A. C. Benson.

Process ManagementProcesses are about how we do business today. Examining our own processes is a high leverage means to transforming their performance. Process Management is one of Light Pharma's Six Transformation Services and provides a number of services focused on better management of processes. Our process management services involve helping high technology, life sciences and health organizations better manage their processes through:

  • Performance Measurement: Effectively measurement of how well your processes are performing.
  • Process Mapping: Mapping and simulation of the actual processes that are determining your performance and redesigning these processes when desirable.
  • Process Analytical Technology: Employing sensor technologies that allow process performance to be measured and monitored in-line, at-line or on-line.
  • Data Management: Managing the large amounts of data that are being generated by these processes and sensors.
  • Information Management: Designing effective means for information and knowledge to be extracted from the process and product data.
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