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Six Sigma

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You can choose not to change, but you can't do it here. -- Jack Welch, General Electric

    There are multiple organizational transformation philosophies. Six Sigma is both a target (3.4 defects per million opportunities) and a transformation philosophy. Six sigma is one of our transformation services; a key one that can enable you to translate your strategic vision into a course of action. We specialize in operational excellence for the high technology, life sciences and health care industries.
We have worked with or developed many operational excellence programs across the industry. Our operational excellence training programs are designed from the ground up for your industry.

We provide a number of Operational Excellence Services. Some of them include:

  • Readiness Evaluation: Determining if you are ready for a operational excellence type transformation.
  • Implementation: Evaluating how operational excellence approaches will work for your organization and implementing the transformation
  • Training: Training your organization using our active learning methods.
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