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Transforming the way medicine is made TM 

Light Pharma is a consulting and technology company on a mission to help transform the way medicine is made. Our Focus is on High Technology , Life Sciences and Health care.

We are enabling this transformation through our:

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Strategic Consulting, Six Sigma, Regulatory Compliance, Process Management, Technology Assessment, and Benchmarking

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PI™, PI™ Dashboard , LIF, Training Courses

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High Technology, Life Sciences, Health Care, Government

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High Technology, Life Sciences, Health Care.


Our Services

We are unique. Unique in our ability to transform high technology, life sciences, health care, and government organization performance. Working with a large number of companies, we have developed a powerful transformation approach that involves:

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Strategic Consulting

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Operational Excellence

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Regulatory Compliance

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Process Management

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Technology Assessment

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We are on a mission to help transform the way medicine is made. 

We achieve our mission only when you achieve yours.


Innovative Products

We are at the leading edge of technology with more than a decade of experience working with some of the leading high technology organizations (including universities and consortia), life sciences and health care organizations, and government organizations (such as the regulatory agencies).

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Innovative Products

We are leveraging our unique perspective into a set of cutting edge technologies that address the real needs of the high technology, life sciences, health care and government organizations and the broader society at large.

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PI™: A Revolutionary Knowledge Management Approach To Enhancing Quality, Risk Management and, Regulatory Compliance.

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Process Analytical Technology

Light-Induced Fluorescence(LIF): based on technology developed at MIT and sponsored by the Consortium for the Advancement of Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals (CAMP).

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We offer training on operations and a number of innovative technologies. Training is based on approaches developed at MIT.


Over the last decade, our consultants have worked closely with the many of the leading high technology, life sciences, and health care organizations of the world on cutting edge technology and organizational issues.

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Life Sciences | High Technology | Health Care

To learn more about how Light Pharma's Strategic Consulting is enabling this transformation at the world's largest life sciences, health care and high technology companies, please contact us

Meet Our Amazing Clients


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High Technology

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Light Pharma partners with the leading technology, life sciences, health care and, government organizations to help enable this transformation.

If you think you can help us achieve our mission, we are interested in talking to you. To contact us, please click here.


Light Pharma is on a mission. A mission to transform the way medicine is made.

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Light Pharma is a consulting and technology company on a mission to help transform the way medicine is made.

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